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As an alternative to my half baked huh what rants, here’s a pretty good post from BOOKFORUM about MoMA, Twitter, Celebrity Truffle Hounds, and MoMA chief curator Klaus Biesenbach: Klaus Werk As AFC (xo) says: “Choire Sicha thinks Biesenbach’s tweets underscore the direction MoMA is heading in, and I’m not sure I like it. Can I […]

Attribution on the internet has been really weirdly perverted. And Tumblr, I ♥ u, but I kind of blame you. So I am sort of about to go on a rant, and I am going to leave things out. At the heart of my rant, however, is what I sense to be an ever-more-apparent anxiety […]



I went to this talk thing the other night. The invited speaker was an art history PhD student and lecturer at another college, and the topic was the PROFUSION OF IMAGES. He invited a lady designer whom he had met once before. He chose her because she, to him, seems to be able to edit […]

I will now tell you why I think photo archives are important, and why I am SUPER STOKED as a photographer/artist/visual/thinking person to work in a photo archive. Let’s look at some things. These are kind of boring, right? Kind of embarrassing? I have been thinking about this, how there are some really banal things […]