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Attribution on the internet has been really weirdly perverted. And Tumblr, I ♥ u, but I kind of blame you. So I am sort of about to go on a rant, and I am going to leave things out. At the heart of my rant, however, is what I sense to be an ever-more-apparent anxiety […]



Oh hey Um, so, yeah so did you know that I have friends Well I don’t know if that girl is my friend but whatever



I went to this talk thing the other night. The invited speaker was an art history PhD student and lecturer at another college, and the topic was the PROFUSION OF IMAGES. He invited a lady designer whom he had met once before. He chose her because she, to him, seems to be able to edit […]



I’ve been thinking about high school for whatever gawd-awful reason, and how like, I wasn’t embarrassed about myself then. Which is great, but I’m embarrassed now thinking about things I did in high school? What the heck is going on with that? Anyway I must just be regressing, also I am probably just super repressed […]



THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO ME THIS YEAR I missed my buddies so much//made some really wonderful new buddies//reconnected with old buddies// I became an auntie to a beautiful niece One time I was riding my bike on E. 5th and a kid on a BMX said, “Hey pretty girl on a bike” I finally got […]

I can basically finally not be academic for the next like 7 weeks. I can read so many articles about the internet and not even have to take notes! I can learn a programming language for fun! I can read books about serial killers or bunnies or history or anything! This is just a message […]



So, I moved, to the general neighborhood that I like in town. And it’s good. I have two chairs, so if you came over for some popcorn and iced tea, you would be able to sit down like a civilized human. I guess I’ll take some pictures soon. And just after I’d moved, which is […]

heat vision


School’s back in and I’m SUPER EXCITED. Not only for weirdo museum visits, but also to go into MEGA DEBT. I’ve decided if I can’t find a job, I will simply not care! Aces! As I gleefully tumble into mega debt, I’m going to volunteer with the Landmarks Preservation Guild and work on art instead, […]

When I first started thinking about grad school, I considered the History of Science for a long time. Library Science won out for reasons of practicality and projected intellectual engagement, I guess, and I think I made the right choice. I still get really excited about Natural and Medical Histories, and about the Enlightenment, and […]

Do we look cool? Apropos of nothing, here is a grackle wizard I made for my friend Tim. I hope he likes it. My mom does, so that’s good.