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Aaron Swartz


Aaron Swartz, Precocious Programmer and Internet Activist, Dies at 26 Prosecutor as Bully I didn’t know much about Aaron Swartz until seeing him as part of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven last year; he and Taryn Simon collaborated on a beautiful project, the Difference. He seemed lovely, and very smart, and talented. I am very sad.




Pity Party


I have kind of progressively regressed back into my demented teenage self since I moved here. I’m possibly backing out of the (underage) party animal phase into artsy le girl Amelie hermit mode. It’s easier that way. My heart’s too soft, y’all. I also have too much to do. It’s probably better at this point […]


I’m homesick



Nobody reads this anyway, but I don’t care. Something horrible happened and I feel like puking. I messed up after packing up everything in my car in preparation for my move to Texas. I DID NOT LOCK IT. I had a meltdown and forgot I guess. Then I messed up again. I realized someone had […]


The oil! Up close, in chunks. Sick. I hope this works, but likely, it won’t. It’s CNN, after all. And then there’s Tennessee. Enough!



When I nearly worked in fashion, I found out that Coco Rocha is gorgeous. In a spooky way. So this is ridiculous. But she is fabulous.


I should have tried harder at being in New York, but the weather was often beautiful (except for this day when we went to MoMA) and I ate nearly everything I wanted to, so I’d say it was a success. I am really good at missing things, like all of this. Nooo! But we went […]


I had a dream a couple of nights ago that it was suddenly spring, but I hadn’t noticed (probably because in reality it had been snowing for many hours and would continue to snow until we had 32.9 inches). Thus it was May-ish and I hadn’t started any seedlings so I was very upset that […]