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I know everyone depends on me to make really awesome great Valentines and then not send them out, so I’ve done it again. But wait! I made this 4 u 2 print out and fold like in middle school. Click the pic for a larger file than you could possibly need. I made like 2 […]

No surprise, I totally failed my own personal challenge. Whatever. These are bad photos. Whatever x2. This was just supposed to be fun, OK? NOBUNNY is playing in Austin on Tuesday. I WILL BE THERE. This last one I almost didn’t fuck up but I did fuck it up. I think I’ll make it again. […]



My eyeballs are swimming on account of the homework again. It is also fucking freezing. It’s 28°. What the heck. Listening to From Brussels with Love helps I guess. How about some Wire too? I am feeling pretty grown up about this grad school thing (lie). No, really. I had 3 classes and I already […]