I realized recently that I acquired a LOT of t-shirts this year. Tee shirts. T shirts. OK. I was so busy getting t shirts that I did not blog at all!

Here is blog post with the ART T SHIRTS that I got in 2014, in order (I think). My friend Randy, who works in the t shirt business, told me that Gildan makes the most t shirts and that seems accurate from these art shirts.

partykatThis is Party Kat tank top by Eric Benton, who is a wicked talented illustrator. The deal is that when you get one of these you put it on and don’t take it off until you are done partying so that it becomes filthy. I partied less in 2014 than in years past, so I failed Party Kat. You can buy one from him.


This is a very giant XXXXXXL t shirt (dog for scale, the dog is size small/medium). I love this shirt so much! I am pretty sure that’s Elizabeth Clare Prophet and the words say “LIFE LOVING”. My e-friend/pen pal Nate made this and then gave it to me.


This t shirt is one that I got at the New York Art Book Fair. It fits, which is weird. I bought it from the ladies of Three Words Press because Gee Vaucher designed it for them and Gee Vaucher is extremely cool and important. Also because I am a librarian it is funny to wear.


Here is a moody picture of shirt made by Olivia Kates, who is a student at RISD. This is the most metal shirt I bought, I think. The back says: Art Is Dead / Long Live / SPORTS. You can buy one for yourself here.


This is a shirt made by Esther S White. Her Anxietees project has included many editions of t shirts like this one and also unlike this one. Esther is a great person and our dogs are best friends.

Wow, what a crazy year it’s been. I hope that in 2015 that cops kill fewer people than they have in previous years since the beginning of time, and that I remember to use the terrible giant calendar I bought for myself. Stay safe and warm, and Happy New Year!

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